Guitarist, Composer, Arranger

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In early 1998 my friend and musical partner Nick Webb died of cancer. We had founded Acoustic Alchemy in 1980 and though I had left in 1985 when my new band Kymaera played Ronnie Scotts in June 98 we did the first set for Nick. We used old tunes that we had written together for Alchemy; most of which were released by GRP on Early Alchemy in 1992.

It struck me how good some of those tunes were and now, twenty years after they were written, would be a good time to re-record them as a tribute to Nick, to his guitar and, as he would wish them to be remembered, to such good tunes. So the idea for the album Into The Rainbow started; named after the last tune we wrote together in Autumn 1997, and the last recording of his music he heard finished.