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The next stage of re-releasing my back catalogue will be available from 14th August 2015. The project is now being handled by Choice Of Music in Germany and the first two albums will be SIMON JAMES & NICK WEBB THE EARLY DAYS OF ALCHEMY (5 tracks) and SIMON JAMES AND THE LYRIC GUITAR (10 tracks). The Early Days Of Alchemy has four previously unreleased tracks and The Lyric Guitar comprises a selection from across my catalogue of recordings. To support this I have started a blog at

In collaboration with my publishing company Designer Music Ltd and supported by my friend and colleague Peter Stretton whose company Barking Green publishes a great deal of my music. I have begun to compile and re-release all of my solo recording catalogue to date. The first release is The Art Of The Spanish Guitar, at present only available in its entirety on download. It combines the original recording Daybreak from 1983 with Barking Green's recording Azahar from 2007 adding two previously unreleased tracks from 2012. The first recording was made digitally by Mike Skeet of Whitetower Records, a leading expert of that time and a pioneer of digital recording, using a Calrec Soundfield microphone and an empty warehouse in Milton Keynes where we controlled the space using cardboard boxes! The second recording was made by Mark Rogers a present day expert in digital recording in the Norman Church in Ashford Carbonell home of Barking Green Records. Mark is a member of the team at DML (Designer Music) and also a friend and colleague. The two recordings complement each other very well representing my personal feelings about the music which has always underscored and supported my art as a musician and a guitarist and lies at the heart of my long collaboration with Nick Webb and Acoustic Alchemy and the creation of Kymaera with Shane Hill. Below is a link to the album on Amazon and the press release from MondoTunes who are handling digital distribution for this recording.

A Star For Christmas (2011) is now available for download.